JULY 6, 2004


When Ann Vargas found the brightly painted box in that dusty Bronx, thrift store, little would she know that it would soon consume most of her waking hours and invade her sleep as well.

The box had within it a “Dream Curse” that was placed on it ages ago.

Now she is losing sleep, she cannot stay awake at work. The possibility of losing her job has become a real threat to her.

This job is one that sorely needs to feed her child, now that she just became a one-parent household.

Her once happy dreams have now turned into nightmares she has

no one to turn to, until a friend tells her about the newest N. Y. P. D. squad that helped her, the “Dream Squad.”

She now may have an answer to her problem, which, has taken, over

her life, and that of her young son’s. Captain Wendy Marisa Flores needs your help in trying to solve

the riddle of “The Dream Box”. Be ready to let your mind travel into the dark past of that object to uncover its power over any one who possesses it.



Captain Flores knew that it would be a difficult day, when the (7) train out of Brooklyn was running late. As captain of her unit, she felt it was her duty to set an example for he other unit members. She had been late before, due to over sleeping. Her personal jacket up to now was clean; she had no intension of receiving a [DC], Discipline Comment or being late for work. As her train pulls into Manhattan, she makes a mental note to set the clock an hour earlier, for the next workday.

“Hi Cap, was the train running late again? You know that Con Ed was out in Manhattan last night again. It was the third time this week, too many people using their A/C's I guess?”

“YAH, I knew, it had to be something like that. So what's on our docket today?”

“Half an hour ago I received a call about, someone who had a nightmare due to a Box?”

“A box, oh what next? Ever since February, we have received one call after another

on false leads. I wish we could educate the public on what is and what is not a Dream or Psychic case!”

“You know that's a thought, why don't you run it by the chief?”

“YAH! I could see "Shotgun's" face when I try to ask him for funding for a "Dream School", but it is still a good idea.”

“Oh, Diaz and Varela went to "Cafe Cubano" for Cuban coffee and bread.

Are we still having our staff meeting at nine?”

“YES! Oh, let me have the number of the "Box Woman", I'll give her a call back.”



As Captain Flores hears the woman's complaint. Her story after ten minutes starts

to have the "Ring of Truth" in it. As captain of her unit, she decides what case has

to have her unit investigate. After the twenty-minute call, she feels in her gut that

this should become an active case. As she enters her nine am staff meeting, she will discuss her thoughts with her unit.

“People, I called Ms. Vargas, I feel that this complaint should be moved up to an active case. Do we have any other citizen's complaints that are equal to this one?”

"DC, do you feel that there are any psychic forces in play here?"

“Vero, I am not sure? However I do know one thing, this woman needs our help, and with Armando's special electrometric equipment we will be able to pick upany signs of those types of issues.”

“Armando, are your scanners that powerful?”

“They are Vero, I am basically using the same type of designs that the CIA uses.”

“Well people, it's a go! Now where is the Cuban bread and coffee,

I really need it today.”

As our D.S.I. members finish their on the go breakfast, Captain Flores has no idea

that this case will test her squad's skills and sense of reality,

and fire up new psychic dreams of her own.



Captain Flores and Detective Diaz pack up their equipment to do an in-field

interview as well as an on site technical investigation.

“Captain, when we get there I will do an entire sweep of her apartment to rule out any in house psychic sources, I hope that within about half an hour that I will be able to focus on this dream's epicenter.”

As our field team pull up to the Brooklyn brownstone, Captain Flores starts to feel very negative vibrations from the building.

“Diaz, I dreamed about this place once, I know I did.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yep, the broken door buzzer, right down to the torn Rican sticker in the window!”

Detective Diaz buzzes the number 6, Vargas apartment.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Ms. Vargas, NYPD, the Dream Squad. We here to investigate

your call about a Box.”

The next sound heard was BUZZZZZZZZZ! As Flores and Diaz go up the elevator,

Flores experiences stronger feelings of being in this place before.

“Hi, Captain Wendy Flores and Detective Armando Diaz of the NYPD- DSI.”

“Am I glad you two got here before tonight, so I can get some sleep?”

Captain Flores, starts her interview, Detective Diaz starts his on site electronic sweep.


“I wished that I would have never bought that damn box at that


“Is that when it all started?”

“You’re damn right that is when it started!”

“Can I see the box?”

“Sure, you can have it, I want someone else to get it out of here,

"I am scared stiff to touch it. There it is on the coffee table.”

Captain Flores inspects the little enameled box.

“Captain, nothing! I am not picking up any readings from these people or place, only that box.”

“Ms. Vargas, please sign this simple release not, allowing me to remove this personal item for a full lab investigation.”

“Yes! Anything to get it out of here, and don't bring it back!”

“Here is my card; I will get you a call when we finish our lab work.

If anything else comes up ether during the daytime or night,

this is my personal contact number.”

“THANK YOU! Now maybe I can sleep tonight.”

“Well both us hope that you will.”

As Flores and Diaz ride back to the Midtown station house,

Flores starts to think to herself, how can a box cause so

much trouble in someone’s sleep?

“Dude, I feel that this is just the start of our dream problems.”

“I hope not Captain!”



On the ride, back to DSI, Captain Flores starts to ponder the possible theories

on why these “Dream Boxes” exist. She starts to become fearful that there

could be other boxes, which pose the same danger to any owner's dreams.

“Armando, what would happen if there were hundreds or thousands of these little dream bombs out there?”

“Dreamer, I would hate to think that thought, it would create a mass psychosis due to sleep deprivation.”

“That is what I have been thinking all the way back to DSI. We must find out

if this is a one of a kind, or, one of a mass production run of boxes.”

“Look there is no code that I can't break! The code on that box will give

up its secrets, one way or the other!”

“You better be lucky dude, or we may have a big headache soon to cure.”

As Flores and Diaz, enter DSI, they set into motion their unit’s labs to solve this case.

“Vero, Gina what do you make of this box?”

“Cap, looks like something that you would get at a Cannel Street

Flea Market on a Sunday.”

“DC, it does look like a cheap import.”

“People, do not be deceived by this box it could contain some psychic force that we can not detect with our equipment. I want answers. So let’s break this down to discover any and all of its properties.”


As DSI works into the evening, it becomes clear that this little box will not yield its secrets easily.

“Captain this code is a combination of wave forms to create a frequency in the upper Gigahertz range. This has an interlocking code that interacts with other links.”

“Damn, other boxes!”

“You got it. This little baby has a family, a big family. The interlocking code goes into the millions!”

“DC, Gina and I tried this code in our main frame; it transmits on four bands and one that I have never seen in communications before.”

“Guys, I found the fifth band width its alpha!” Shouts Armando.

“So that's how it affects dreams and sleep.”

“Your right Big Head, but who would create such an item and for what purpose?”

“Captain that will be out next phase of our query.”

As The Dream Squad works into the night it becomes clear that, this object is either a prototype or one of thousands. DSI checks every lead. As the two am hour approaches, Flores and Diaz call it a night hours after the others have left for home.


“Hay, we are off the clock.”

“Dreamer, we are going to have to go to DC with this one.

he FBI OR CIA, someone must have a clue where this thing came from?”

“Big Head, my thoughts exactly. But where do we start looking?”

“The Smithsonian is where I would start my search, and then fan out to the intelligence agencies.”


“Sounds good, tomorrow I'll clear it with the chief, and get

us a travel account set-up.”

“You know, if this is a prototype and these people know that it is missing, there is a good chance they have gone underground.”

“I have been thinking that thought for the last hour.”

“Dreamer, maybe we got this thing all wrong, who would want people to lose sleep?”

“Hay! I am bushed, too tired to think! Who?”

“The pharmaceutical companies, for starters.”

“You could be on to something, this "Cute Box" just might be a

"Designer Package" to keep pills in, this is left field but it is a start for our investigation.”

“Well Dreamer Sweet dreams, this is my stop, see you in the morning.”

“Okay Big Head, let's put DC on hold. Until we check out the drug angle.”

“Will do Captain.”

“You’re imposable.”

As Armando leaves the subway door he shots, "What did I say?"

As Wendy enters her train, she starts to think that this case could be the one that stops DSI dead cold, and will prove to the other doubting cops that her squad is useless to the department. If there are hundreds of thousands, or millions of these boxes, out in the general population how her people will render the power of these little nightmares inactive. As the train enters the Brooklyn station, Captain Flores cannot wait to get off and get home. As soon are she enters her apartment and greets Kilo her pet cat, the video phone beeps.



“Oh hell no who could this be?”


“Veronica Varela, girl you got to get a life! Don't you know what time is it?”

“DC, I know its 1:30am but, this might crack this case. And I could not wait until tomorrow.”

“Okay, spill it!”

“Back at the academy, Marcella one of the cadets in my class had

father was in the toy business in the mid nineteen ninety’s.”

“Vero, please I am tired, is there a point to this?’

“Yes, she uses to brag that her old man could sell any toy, to

any one.”


“Captain, after some prodding and a few drinks she spilled her guts.

he said that her dad was on the cutting edge of a break though in

"Mind to Product" technology. This technology possessed the ability to affect the customer as to buy the product almost at any price. She also said that the device could be tweaked as to affect other human responses on a deep alpha level. It also could shut down someone's motor activities, or make them sick.”

“DAMN! That's messed -up!”

“Sorry again for the late call.”

“Vero, you just might have given us the break that we needed.

I want you to cross check your cadet friend and see where her father worked.”


“Will do DC, again sorry. See you at nine am.”

“Cool, later!”

Flores, showers and climbs into bed, she feels that this case could be solvable.

In addition, this could be a DSI first pre-implant technology case.

t 3:00 am, Wendy wakes up out of a sound sleep due to a powerful dream

his dream would be a guide into her current case that will aid both her

and her unit to find an answer to this strange case of un-wanted dreams.

“Damn! What a real dream I got to let Armando know about this one.”

Wendy's pet cat Kilo jumps onto the bed and purrs loudly, as to agree

"Boy what a rush! Oh, God its 3:19 am I have got to get sleep. I got to get back in the rat race in four hours."

As Wendy tries to get her much needed sleep, her mind plays and re-plays her dream. So that at 4:13am she falls back into a light sleep that seems to last only minuets, as the 6:00 am alarm sounds to go to work.

“Hell, its 6 am, I never get to have good nights sleep!

As Wendy drags herself out of bed, the only thing that keeps her awake is the dream of last night, and her eagerness to relate it to Armando.



The subway ride was uneventful as rides go. On this day Captain Flores could be a in a train wreck and not feel it. She was in an almost walking trance.Sleep deprivation was starting to take its toll. Between the creations of this new squad, its management and personal psychic dreams weekly she was on the verge of a breakdown, a future event that she would not let happen, by shear force of will. She was the Dream Squads first captain, as well as Chief Williams pride and joy, only a bullet, she felt would slow her down. Our brave captain never guessed that a little box would almost cause her to enter a psych ward at Belleview Hospital. She was living on the edge between the real and dream worlds.

“Armando, Hi, got a few minutes; I got to tell you about last night's dream.”

Detective Diaz, was tired, but always gave time to his best friend to hear out her latest dreams. He knew that these dreams were keys in solving cases, and insights into worlds only imagined.

“Sure, just let me give Gina yesterday's lab results.”

“Okay I'll be in my office.”


As soon as Captain Flores entered her turf, she knew that this case was starting to get to her. That little box was the key, to unknown experiences. What dangers could be posing to her personally and her team?Although DSI must stop this threat to the public.

“Is it okay to come in Captain?”

“Sure come in. I want to tell you about my dream last night, you are the only one that I can trust to relate what I experienced last night, besides, your are the only one who would understand what the visions mean to me.”

“Okay Dream Cap. Let hear it.”

“Well Armando, it started out being in the aqua blue room with soft defused light. There was a silver table in the center of the room, with the box in our current case sitting on it. What happen next was weird, the room went into a deep purple. The next thing that I knew was that I was inside the little box. I started to scream, but there was no one around to hear me.”

“What happen next?”

“I woke up, with Kilo in my face. So what do you think?”

“If we don't get a handle on this case, the soft aqua room is the calm

before the storm. The silver table is you and your purity of heart. he box is the imprisonment of all of us thru you!”




Captain Flores sits alone in her office, for ten minuets that seemed to last for an hour. She starts to think out what Veronica told her in that late night phone call. Could this be a true "Mind Control" product, a prototype, or worst a mass production model? She is now fully committed in uncovering the true nature of this box, with all the tools and expertise that D. S. I. and bring to solving this case.

To prevent this dream and sleep shut down, Captain Flores makes every effort for this investigation. Detective Varela, after exhaustive searches in all NYPD databases, finally finds her old academy friend's father; he is currently working at Veratron Toys Inc. ®. Veronica calls her old cadet friend, Officer Janet Mendoza, assigned to airport security at JFK. After fighting the dense traffic to the airport, Veronica reunites with her old friend after a year of separation.

“Well Officer Mendoza, HI GIRL!”

After both young women give a warm hug to each other, Vero, explains the reason for her visit. That she needs to ask a few technical questions of her dad to help her in DSI's current case. After a great airport lunch, and exchange of cell numbers, Veronica heads off to Patterson, New Jersey for a meeting with Mr. Mendoza, Vice President in charge of the international toy operations.

“Detective Veronica Varela- NYPD, here to see Mr. Mendoza.”

“Go ahead detective, he is expecting you, in building 17, and he said that he would meet you at the door.”

“Thank you.” Veronica thought it was odd for Mr. Mendoza to meet her outside his office.


“Detective Varela, my daughter has told me a lot about you.”

“Thank you nice to meet you as well, your daughter has told me a lot about you too. Why don't we go in”

“We would but, I want our conversation off the record, this place has ears.”

“Ok, I hear you!”

“My daughter has filled me in prior to your visit. Therefore, I have prepared this CD-Rom for you. It contains all those companies in mind product control technology. I want you know, as soon as I saw the way this technology was going at the end of the 1990's I got out, and I mean got out fast! I saw the handwriting on the wall that this would soon become tech too useful to the military, or the intelligence community. I just plain and simple, wanted no part of this type of research, especially having a child of mine soon to become a police officer, my involvement in this technology would have hurt her career in NYPD, even before it got started.”




“Janet always said that you were a great guy, she was right!”

“Hay, look once this case wraps up come on over for dinner,

she misses you, both of you have a lot in common.”

“That's a deal Mr. M. I will give you a call.”

“Ok don't forget.”

“I won't, take care, and thanks again for the info.”

“You too, watch your back; there are people who would kill for this information.”

Detective Varela returns to DSI, and wonders if this will

break this case wide open. If the box can be technologically

back-stepped, the Dream squad will be able to determine the box's

origin of manufacture now that she has the list of those who have ever have used this mind technology.

“Did you get anywhere Vero?”

“Sure did, DC. In about an hour I should have my data ready for us to go over.”

“Ok its three pm. At four thirty we have our squad meeting if you are ready?”

“I think that I will be.”

After a half hour Veronica spots a red flag in the data, she sees a company that looked to be legit, with a promising product line that soon after its first toy products were field tested, the company yanked the entire line of the shelf's of its test retail stores. This company even posed to go IPO at the NASDAQ within two months. The "Dream Toys Co."® fell off the map completely! All the corporate records indicated that it was a take over target by a little known company named only as "Cell Mate Technologies", with off shore bank accounts in Haiti. The toy line that appeared to respond to the owners thoughts, in giving almost human responses to questions or orders given to the toy. These toys even went as far as to create storylines to its owners that they clamed to manifest in their dream to enhance the toy experience.

After the full DSI staff meeting at four forty five, it becomes apparent that this box was one of the initial test toys that escaped the product recall. The Dream Squad and New York City may have caught a lucky break if this is one of a kind or of small production test run. It will be up to Captain Flores as to how to move on this case, from this point on.


Captain Flores, searches all her street contacts if any of these boxes

have hit the “Black Market.”

After two days pounding the bricks, she hits pay dirt.



Flores locates the intermediary trying to sell these boxes, after her acquired,

hem thru a third party now deceased. When he got his hands on the boxes,

he found the technology to sophisticate to unravel. Flores starts to wonder

if her unit has the expertise to pick-up where the suspect lifted off.

After an hour in the interrogation room, Miguel Sosa, cracks like an egg,

he spilled everything to Captain Flores. As the rest of the DSI unit views his

confession thru the interrogation window, divulges that there are five limited run boxes and one prototype. Furthermore, four on the boxes are in a safety deposit box at Chase Bank.

Captain Flores knows that DSI has one box, which leaves one box unaccounted. The boxes at Chase will not pose a problem for recovery, DSI gets a warrant and confiscates as evidence. DSI pops open the deposit box open, reveling four richly enameled 4” x 4” boxes, stamped “PRO. # 1-2-3-4” the rest of the deposit box is clean.

“Captain we got a problem.”

Upon their return to the DSI labs, Armando discovers something that he missed before. Diaz notices a very small marking on the left corner of the box “M.U. 001.”

“I can not believe that I missed this?” Diaz says to himself.

“What are you talking about?” Ask Veronica.

“We got the prototype I found this box’s code mark, M .U.-001. That stands for Mock-Up 001.”

We are never going to find the last box.”

“You might be right Vero.’

“People, I got an idea, whit if we link –up all these boxes, you did say Armando, that these boxes interact with each other, possibility they could direct us to the last one to complete the chain.”

“Sounds good cap, I’ll set up the lab.”


Lieutenant Ortiz sets up the boxes following Diaz’s configuration from the boxes hieroglyphics.

The sensors point toward the New York Museum of Anthropology.

he museum has no clue as to the danger of these boxes. They think that

they are relics from a long since vanished culture fro the past.

Flores and Ortiz go to the museum with a warrant to seize the last box as evidence.

With all the boxes in the possession NYPD, the police commissioner

issues an order to lock and seal the boxes for the near future.

After the politics is hammered-out, D.S.I. transports the boxes

to their secret location.

Those little dream bombs are for all I know still there four stories

down under Liberty Street, The Federal Reserve Building.

We never found out who actually made these boxes, and I guess we never will it is still an unsolved mystery. That item never seemed to concern anyone the city was clear from the dream threat; everyone was satisfied, all except me.

As captain of a “Dream Squad” what worries me that the most

important piece of the puzzle is still out there, the boxes schematics.

Theses plans are lying in wait for someone to re-launch the little nightmares all over again. This time my squad won’t be green, we will be ready for that day.

Signed: Captain Wendy Marisa Flores – Badge No. 0516080
















The citizens of the great city of New York are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Their dreams are making them "Sick." Their dreams are causing many to suicide, and depression. The medical profession is at a total loss as to the cause of these disabling dreams. The productivity of the city is slowly grinding to a halt. The federal government and the Center of Disease and Control (CDC) is ready to move in twenty four hours to seize control of the cities infrastructure. Mayor Marcos is unleashing every detective to locate and stop whatever or whoever is causing this.

The Chief of Manhattan Detectives Chief Andrew Williams III has place the only squad that has any remote possibility in combating this threat to the city, the "Dream Squad."

Join Captain Wendy Marisa Flores and her unit as they try to restore

sanity to the "Big Apple." D.S.I. will try every thing that is scientifically

possible to track down this dream madness, and put an end to it.

This case will affect their squad, as they rush to also save one of their own. Stay awake and grab your gear to help save the city with Captain Flores, in The Case of Insanity Dreams.


As the morning light broke thru the misty clouds of the skyline of New York City, everyone hoped and prayed the Tuesday would not be a repeat of Mondays horrible news day. Yesterday seemed to bring out the worse of many New Yorkers. If the general public knew what the NYPD knew, they would have never gotten out of bed. The reports from the five boroughs were alarming; six suicides, with four attempts of suicides, five homicides, and fourteen assaults, robbery was up as well as school violence.

All in all a bad news day, that everyone would like to forget, all accept the NYPD that wanted to fine the reason for so much tragic and depressing events. The NYPD and the cities Health Department were going around in circles.

At this point acting on a hunch Chief Andrew Williams III, chief of all Manhattan detectives, calls in his newest unit designed to combat crime in the dream and paranormal worlds. This unit will get a crack at stopping this city wide mass hysteria, he calls in the" Dream Squad."

Chief Williams, was very impressed with D.S.I.

"Dream Squad Investigative" units handling of their last case.

This case centered around electronic devices disguised as enamel boxes.

These boxes interfered with the owners sleep and caused nightmares to occur.

The "Dream Box" case also caught the attention of the cities Mayor Robert V. Marcos. This case reaffirmed that his decision and that of his chief of detectives was the right decision to create this squad in 2007.

It was Tuesday March 6, 2010 and all hell was breaking lose in

the Mid Town D.S.I. squad room.

"Ortiz, what the Hell is going on? Is the president in town today?"

"No Cap, didn't you get my pages or voice mails?"

"No Gina, sometimes I do turn those damn things off."

"Well the chief is coming over here in twenty minuets to discuss the rash of crimes yesterday."

"Thanks lieutenant for the heads up, I owe you again."

The Dream Squad was exhausted from a year of endless cases revolving around dream crimes. Most of the unit felt that they never had any time to experience dreams of their own, All except for one of their unit that experienced too many dreams, their captain Wendy M. Flores. Ever since her high school days Wendy has been able to see her dreams come true as future events.

This was a special gift that she never abused and felt passionate about. She knew that day would come that her visions would be useful in helping and saving others. She hopes that she will receive insights in this new case to discover the cause of the tragic events of yesterday.

At 9:30 am, the chief of detectives enters the D.S.I. squad room.

"Good morning Captain, and to all of you. I need a secured room to talk to all of you?"

"Chief, will our sound lab do, it is sound proof?"

"That will do Detective Varela.'

Everyone enters and seals the labs door.

"Captain, People, what I am about to share with you is only known to three others in this city. This is access to mayor and above. Over this and last year your unit has gained the highest trust within this cities inner circle. Trust me this squad is highly respected even beyond this city. So what I am about to relate to you stays in this room."

"Understood Chief!" Replies Captain Flores.

What D.S.I. saw was shocking. All the public reports and inner command memos were "Watered Down" to avoid internal leaks an a public sense of the NYPD being powerless as a police force to protect the public. All the officially stated NYPD numbers were bogus. Every number was twice the stated amount for suicides and assaults. D.S.I sat silent, without their usual high jinks with these sobering numbers.

"Captain, Wendy, if we can not find the cause of these mass mental breakdowns within forty eight hours, it will be out of the NYPD and the mayors hands."

"You mean?"

"Yes, lieutenant the feds will be all over our houses for a long time, tripping all over themselves."

"Oh Shit! Sorry Chief."

"Varela, you just echoed what the mayor and I feel about this. Captain any questions?"

"No Chief, we are on this full time until we get an answer, we won't let you and the city down!"

"The mayor and I are counting on that."


After the tense meeting, D.S.I. is under the gun to do the imposable, to defuse all these human emotions running amok.

"Okay Gina, I want you to run an environmental scan of the city. Check the air, water, and some of the major food chains for anything out of the ordinary. I know that we will skip over a large part of the city, however we might get lucky. Armando, you and Varela take each of our active cases, and retrace their time lines within a three block radius, possibly you both will discover a link to all of this that we are missing to see. I am going to a place that I hate to go, the ME's "Medical Examiners" office. I want to check if there is any "Bio-Approach" to all of this madness. It is 10:10 am, lets re-group at 3:30pm, okay?"

Everyone agrees and sets off to carry out their facet of this investigation.

Lieutenant Ortiz starts her air and water samples from the Hudson River area to the water fountains in Macys Department Store, all turn up negative. Next air samples are taken is three diverse locations, Grand Central Station, Central Park, and the World Trade Center. All these samples also yield negative results.

As a last ditch effort with the food chains reporting nothing out of place, Ortiz runs an electronic city wide scan and gets lucky, with the discovery of large amounts of background "Alpha" radiation in the city.

Lieutenant Ortiz, knows that Alpha is only produced in the human brain. Her findings will soon bring clarity to her unit, especially her captain's autopsy viewing in the ME's office.

The Morgue was a place that Wendy Flores hated to go to, even back in her cadet days in the academy. The morbid atmosphere made an already "Bi-Polar" cadet even more depressed. However as captain of her unit, she did not have the luxury to stay away from her investigative responsibilities.

"Well doc, what did you find?"

"A lot!"


"This woman's brain is fried! If this were a discussion in electronics, I would say that she had an electrical overload."

"How so?"

"Even in death, up to the first four hours, Neurons can fire if an electrical current is applied to them. This woman's wiring, "Brain Cells" are in melt down.

"How or what could cause that to happen?"

"Only a severe fever, or some outside brain attack!"

" If this was not a real case, I would think that we were in the middle of a science fiction movie."

"Your right captain."

Lieutenant Ortiz enter the autopsy room and is surprised to see her captain is in a place that she has real phobias issues with.

"Cap, this must be only the third time, that I have ever seen you in this room."

"I know Gina, I hate this place, although it is part of the job."

"I hear you, to me it's no big deal."

"Well you are less prone to nightmares, than I am about this room."

"Don't be too sure about that. Since I became part of DSI, my own nightmare percentage has gone up too."

"Hay girl it comes with the job.'

"I guess so?"

"Did you find anything, with your city scans?"

"Yes I did. I found something very weird, lots of background of "Alpha" radiation that is not natural to the environment."

"What do you think is the source?"

"Only brain wave activity that is so off the scale that it leaves hours later a radiation fingerprint."

"Lieutenant, that fits what our metical examiner found."

Captain Flores, gets her lieutenant up to speed, with the autopsy results. Both DSI detectives still can not connect the Alpha radiation and how it was introduced directly in to their victims sleeping brains. On the way up to the DSI squad room on the sixth floor Flores and Ortiz share their personal thoughts about the "Morgue."

"Cap, don't you think that Doc Wilson is a bit strange?"

"Strange is not the way that I would describe him, it would be weird!"

"I hear you Cap."

"Gina, we got to get a handle on this before these meltdowns start to effect even the NYPD force."

"Cap, there is no known method to block "Alpha" waves, although some people have a natural ability to stay focused on their dreams, even if they have implants "in 2007-08 the electronic giants released the first versions of human brain implants to as they said then to enhance the dreaming experience, they have been a nightmare to law enforcement ever since their public launch date."

"Gina, are you referring to some dream override technology?"

"Yes, those electronic outfits do not want the public to know that a 5 - 15% of the population is implant immune."

"Your right Gina, that would seriously eat into their profit margin. That would be something that they would keep under raps from the general public. We must exploit this weakness to develop an immunity that can be mass produced."

"Cap, on paper this sounds good, however first how would we introduce this immunity, and second, how would we immunize an entire city at the same time, this is practically imposable. It has never been done!"

"I know, however, if we are going to save this city from its self we must find a way and find it fast."

For the next ten hours the DSI team in their labs tries everything in the book, at least now they have a lead to follow in this case. Although tonight their captain will experience a starting dream that will shed light on why these "Neuron-Meltdowns" are taking place.


On the third day of the investigation, Lieutenant Ortiz becomes completely frustrated, nothing seems to be able to stop these outside "Alpha's" from entering someone's sleeping or awake state. Than a lab accident occurs that changes everything.

By boosting the upper 200 GHZ range well passed the reckenmented level, Gina discovers that it builds a shield that can block the low output Alpha waves, in effect the waves are scrambled making them powerless in human sleep or consciousness. The only problem is how to deliver this "Scrambling-Effect" to an entire city?

"Guy's I found out how to stop these waves of energy from entering our people, however I discovered it sort of by accident."

"Lieutenant, some of the greatest discoveries in science have been found that way, lucky for us you found an accident that we can use."

After Gina outlines the "How to Jam" this type of energy, Armando has a brainstorm on how to pull this off.

"Captain, I got an idea on how to get this done, however I will have to contact my federal contacts to see if it's doable."

"Diaz, do what ever it takes, if you need the voice of the mayor, I am sure that I can get it!"

"Armando, what do you propose?"

"Vero, a simple concept, "Satellite -Coverage."

"Yeah, dude that would do the trick."

It did not take a lot of arm twisting to get what Detective Diaz needed. Within three hours a "Top-Secret" satellite, that only a few in Washington DC knew about, got it re-tasked to aim it at the New York City area. Re-tasking these birds is not easy. It requires many approvals up and down the chain of command. After seeing what Diaz was able to do, it earned him an aura of higher respect among many in the higher ranks in the NYPD, as well as the CIA.

At 3:00 pm everything was set to bombard the city to "Fry" any electronic source capable of producing these un-natural Alpha waves. "This type of wave energy has been up to now only produced in the human brain."

At 3:05 pm the switch was thrown!

After the five boroughs are saturated electronically , it would take about four hours for the first results to be known. It was the best news that DSI could have hoped for, NOTHING!

No new cases were reported anywhere, in fact it went below the crime rate for the first time in three years.

There was still only one major problem. Everyone was in such a haste to stop the problem, no one had the time to track these Alpha wave energies to their source. All that was sure was that the electronic equipment that created this nightmare was in total melt down, and not the people who created it.

That issue would now consume DSI in the next phase of this investigation.


The morning light, pierced through the dense gray clouds, that hung over New York. DSI was getting into work late after a restless night, hoping that Detective Diaz's satellite solution to stop the cities plunge into mass hysteria would work.

"Diaz, did you check the overnight reports?"

"I have already checked them Vero, the overnight blotter was clean."

"It worked!"

"It sure the hell did, the captain and lieutenant will be relieved."

"So will the chief and the rest of this city!"

"You got that right, although we have got to find out just who pulled this off."

"I know, that is something that I have been thinking about all last night, I have been racking my brain as to who could possess the technical know how to do this?"

"I can't figure it out either, however, you know Flores she won't stop until she has an answer to this case."

"I hear you, I got an idea. I know that it would take a lot of special purchases of high-end electronics to pull this off, as well as gobs of power."

"Your right Vero, unless we are directed elsewhere we are going to follow this line of our investigation. I'll check "Con-Edison" to see if there were any huge spikes in the electronic power grid, when we pulled the switch yesterday. You can see if any high end electronic purchases were made within the last six-to-eight weeks, besides being our electronics expert
. You would know more than I what they would need to make this work."

The moment Flores and Ortiz enter the squad room, both Diaz and Varela brief them on their hunch. Upon hearing their hunch, Captain Flores gives them the green light to proceed.

It took an additional days of leg work to track down all the power bills and local and out of state electronic equipment purchases, however Diaz and Varela came through for their squad with the "Name" that started this nightmare. Captain Flores holds her usual 9:00am staff briefing to go over what Diaz and Varela have found.

"Ok you two, spill-it!"

"Captain, lieutenant, you are not going to believe who did this. Vero and I have checked and rechecked three times our facts. Our pert is six years old!"

"No fucking way?"

"Lieutenant, on one of the checks to the power company, there was a drop of blood, I guess due to a paper-cut? I took it to CSI and crossed matched it to a Greg Rogers living in the Bronx, who just celebrated his sixth birthday eight days ago."

In the early part of the twenty first century with so many child molestations and kidnappings, it became federal law to DNA all new born babies at birth.

"No way guys, that would make him from..."

"I know Gina, the future?"

"People assuming that this at all remotely possible, what is the why in all of this?'

"Dreamer, we have no way of knowing. All we can say is that we got a guy that is six years old today that is really thirty seven passing a check to the power company that does not appear on any of the surveillance cameras that were time stamped, and here is the weird part he is seen and remembered by everyone in the office."

"That is damn impossible!"

"Diaz, why was he remembered?"

"Gina, the way he was dressed."

"Yah, lieutenant, he looked liked he stepped out of one of Diaz's old Star Trek shows."

"People this case has just gone from weird to bizarre in a mille-second!"

DSI spent the better half of the morning trying to make sense out all of this. At 11:45 alone in her office pouring over all the facts in this case Captain Flores dozes off for about five to eight minuets. She finds herself inside the main reading room of the New York Public Library, as she sees people walking through the far east wall as easily as one would walk through an open door. In her dream no one is noticing these people, or sounding an alarm to this incredible event? Hearing a knock at her office door Flores wakes up. Using her dream as a hunch, she directs Diaz and Varela to go to the library and scan a specific area and to report what they find back to her. On their way to the library both Diaz and Varela wonder what is going on now in this case for their captain to send them to such an odd location, that so far has had nothing to do with their case.



Upon entering the main reading room of the library Diaz and Varela initiate their electronic scans. What they discover is truly unbelievable a "Hot Spot" on the east wall.

"Armando, what the hell is that?"

"I don't know Vero, but what ever it is, it's off my sensor readings."

The moment that Varela analyzes her view screen she knows that this is the prime entry point for everything that New York has been experiencing this last week. She sees sub harmonics that she has never encountered before.

"Vero, what the hell is it?"

"It Diaz, is our epicenter of this nightmare!"

"Flores was right, I don't know how she knew it, this is the center of this case."

"Your right these are the same readings that we picked up in the high alpha range at the height of this cities mass hysteria last week"

"Vero look, do you see, what I am seeing through the thermal imager?"

"It looks like..."

"A person in front of the wall, that is imposable! No one is there, and these imagers never mess up!"

"Dude we have stumbled onto a portal into a parallel dimension that is either internally broken down or has been designed to penetrate our world."

Exhausted from lack of REM sleep Flores has another dream that finds her once more in the library , this time reading a book on traveling to exotic places.

"Why are you reading that book?"

"Excuse me, do I know you?"

"Yes and no?"

"Look I am a cop and this is my lunch break, so if you would not mind I want to finish reading about my future vacation trip. How do you know me? I have never met you before this day."

"I know your son."

"MY SON?" Guy you are messed up, I am not even married or have anyone, if this is your pick-up line it is a sorry ass one."

"No it is not a pick up line I am your son's "Dream Teacher" in my world. He sent me here in you're world to find the "Dreamer" to help us dream."

"To help you dream, now I how that this is a pick-up, did Diaz put you up to this, if he did I will kill him!"

"This is no pick-up you must help us to dream, we need your dreams."

"OK, I'll play along this is a slow case day. Why on earth would you need our dreams?"

"In my world a world wide sickness has engulfed everyone. We can sleep for our normal times that vary from person, however we can not dream or at least remember any of our dreams."

"That is imposable!"

"That is why I am here my new student Angel told me about his mother police officer and her ability to receive and send dreams inter dimensionally , we need your dreams."

"Well so sorry for your sad ass problem, however you can't have them, they belong to us, I am going to ring the neck of who ever set you up to this."

"Wendy this is real, and I am going to tell you something that will happen to you in the near future."

As the man tells her in secret this fact she now knows that this is not a joke and this is a real dream message that she must act on. As she wakes up she try's to find the right way to explain this to her squad as not to appear out of her mind.

She now knows the larger picture what has plagued her city for ever over a week. For the next two hours, sitting alone in her office, Flores searches for a compromise with this "Other World", as she now sees a real need to help these extra-dimensional counterparts before their world suffers a full mental collapse.

At 1:30pm her field team of Diaz and Varela return with their own incredible findings at to library.

"Captain, you are not going to believe what we found!"

"People who are not there."

Varela, looks at Diaz, in a "How the Hell did she know this?"

"Captain, how did you acquire this information?"


At that moment Lieutenant Ortiz, knocks on the office door."

"Come in." Yells Flores.

"Hay can I, join the party, I got new intell that will shed some light on this case."

"Yeah, come on in Gina, what do you got?"

"Well for starters, the wave frequency is not really Alpha, it is an off shoot of some kind, more of an anti-wave frequency, furthermore this whatever it is appears every twelve hours, for some unknown reason?"
"Captain, that matches up with Vero and I found."

"Cap, what is going on?"

"Everyone hold -up!" Shouts Flores, as her cramp office fills-up with one outlandish theory after another. It is at this moment that she reveals her latest dream. After she explains her dream her squad stands behind her in whatever direction she chooses to take DSI on this case.

"People, I appreciate your confidence in me however, I need your input now more than ever."

After an hour of endless debates on the case Captain Flores, starts to see that no answer or theory can plug into the established case facts.

At that moment a frustrated Detective Diaz, stands up and yells; "YA!"

"Dreamer, there are not enough satellites to cover this entire planet with what we just did here in New York!"

"Guys I have it."

"Ok Gina, spill it!"

"If we could create a inter-dimensional transmitter we could beam enough natural dream events into their dimension, as to generate Alpha wave patterns in their own people. Once enough dreams were transmitted the actual dream from us would become only a useless by-product the Alpha energy would be powerful enough to replicate it's self endlessly to re-ignite their dreaming abilities."

"Doc, Lieutenant, do you really think that would do the trick?"
"Armando, yes all these people need is the spark to dream, all the alpha will do is stimulate REM (Rapid Eye Movement) that the brain will remember sub-consciously and store it a memory re-set. "

"Gina, let me get this right, this other world can still dream, all they lack is the spark to do I?"

"Yes Cap, now you got it!"

"Guys it is going to take some doing to pull this off electronically."

"You are so right Vero, that is why you and Ortiz are going to give us our miracle."

DSI spends the remainder of the day brain storming on how to create the "Miracle".



At 8:28pm Detective Varela, hits on the same frequency that her sensors recorded earlier in the day. By our standards this manifested it's self as an "Anti-Wave." These energy patters that modulated in reverse became the key for this operation to take place. In effect Detective Varela created a doorway from our world into their world electronically.

The logistics have been solved, thanks to those recorded readings. The only issue that remains is a moral, and a privacy one. Should this world send it's dreams into another dimension to help our own counterparts in their parallel dimension. There is no law covering this what so ever! No one even knows if this is ethical? Someone high up the chain of command has to decide what to do next, but who?

It took two full days for this decision, to be made. All Mayor Marcos, was told was that the decision was made from the top, what ever that mend? Allot of local officials wondered who was really in charged in Washington DC after the GE Building disaster in 2007. Everyone was falling over others trying to look in charge. Lucky for us New York had always maintained a we can do it alone culture. When the word came down to proceed with the "Dream Transfers" to take place. I was very relieve to get the "Green Light" to make his work.On the third day the FBI screened four hundred subject to be "Dream Recorded",using Lieutenant Ortiz's newly invented dream recorder.At 10:59pm Friday night the first dream transmissions took place. Everyone held their collective breath. After three nights at exactly 10:59pm we sent those dream transmissions. That Monday night we received a reply that was out of this world. A man's face appeared that everyone knew, it was President John Thompson, however it was their President Thompson. His message was simple all he said was "Well done Jack!." This message was for our president. The moment we got it was sent to Washington. Two weeks later everyone at DSI received a presidential commendation and a lunch invitation at the White House, as if we NYPD cops had time for that type of stuff. It has been two months since our case closure with no dream relapses on record. My squad never got to that lunch, such is the life of a street cops, however the invite still stands to this day. I still wonder about the knowledge that I will have a kid someday, I wonder also who the father will be? In closing this "Dream Log" I hope that those people in that other world now have a sense of inner dream peace in their life's. All I know is I hope to reestablish contact with this world someday in the future, to see if they can handle their dreams and nightmares better than we do and to learn more about their people and myself.


Captain Wendy M. Flores

Captain of DSI